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Work-in-progress: Phantom Ride

Daniel Crooks, 'Phantom Ride' (work-in-progress still)

Phantom Ride explores the link between tracks and time

‘Trains, cinema and our concepts of time have been interwoven from the very beginning. The concept of a ‘standard time’ for establishing simultaneity across great distances was developed directly as a result of rail travel. The very linearity of the train tracks with their segmenting sleepers echoes our notion of time as discretely packaged into units like frames of film rattling through a projector.’

This is how Daniel Crooks explained the inspiration behind his proposed work, Phantom Ride, in his successful application for the second Ian Potter Moving Image Commission.

During the year of development, Daniel has explored this connection as well as developed a computer controlled camera dolly, that allows moving images to be captured at a ’perfectly recurring speed [so] it becomes possible to seamlessly mesh non-contiguous filmed space into an apparently cohesive whole’.

Daniel Crooks Issue 22 2

Based on Daniel's project progress reports.




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